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Other Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

There are several other inherited bone marrow syndromes which are less common than the ones that are discussed individually on this Website. These diagnoses are usually made by experts in hematology or genetics. Examples include the following disorders: IVIC (named with the initials of the institution which first reported it), WT (after the initials of the first two families reported), radio-ulnar synostosis (the bones of the lower arm are joined together at the elbow), ataxia pancytopenia (unsteady walking and aplastic anemia). There are families with more than one case with bone marrow failure, who do not fit any of the usual categories. Finally, there are other genetic diseases in which bone marrow failure has been reported on rare occasions, but in which bone marrow failure is not thought to be a major feature of the disease. These include disorders such as Seckel syndrome, Dubowitz syndrome, and Down syndrome.


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